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Connect Customer Data from Demand to Delivery

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How do we make your business more valuable?

SAP CX from Technova

Playing an active role at every stage of your communication with the customer, SAP CX improves the customer experience with valuable insights. A perfect experience leads to customer loyalty, and loyalty leads to new business partnerships and increased profits.

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SAP Solman from Technova

Solution Manager holds the key to fast processes, a wide range of optimisation options, high efficiency and zero risk. It offers a wide range of functions to implement, operate, monitor and support your solutions.

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Technova + SAP:
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Technova + SAP:
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Since 2011

For more than 10 years we have been "in the game". With our experience, we can analyse the current business processes of your organisation in a short time and evaluate which tools and features will be used in the best way in terms of time and cost.

Customised solutions

We know that SAP solutions are designed according to the common needs of many organisations. For this reason, we offer systems that work more efficiently and effectively with the solutions we specially design according to the business processes of your organisation.

Continuous improvement

We are aware that your organisation needs continuous monitoring and improvement. We are increasing our competences every day for you to improve your business processes uninterruptedly and to use your SAP system in the most efficient way.



Türkiye's SAP CRM system with the highest daily transaction volume is running in Akbank. As Technova, the responsibility of Akbank SAP CRM has been on our shoulders since 2011. We continue to develop Akbank SAP CRM with the Fiori interface, which is completely custom, carefully designed to keep up with the speed of Akbank complaint management team, and with numerous projects we have completed so far and with ideas and designs specialised for Akbank.

Taha Giyim

Taha Giyim, which manages the domestic contract manufacturing organisation as a subsidiary of LC Waikiki, has been continuing its way with Solution Manager 7.2 for years in in-house case management. As Technova, we are happy to have contributed to a successful Change Request Management and Incident Management project and then to a smooth case management experience for all users with the Fiori interface project.