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Use all resources effectively from start to finish: Project Management by Technova

Technova specializes in carrying out the essential tasks of planning, coordinating, and controlling to ensure the successful completion of your projects. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your project goals from the very beginning until the very end.

Take firm steps toward your project goals with Technova's guidance

With Technova's expert guidance, you can confidently take decisive actions towards reaching your project goals. Our project management services empower you to effectively utilize your resources and accomplish your objectives, whether it's meeting deadlines, staying within budget, or maintaining high-quality standards.

Our comprehensive service encompasses various stages, starting from project design and planning, all the way through implementation and evaluation. Our team of Technova experts will work closely with you as an "in-house" team, determining the project's objectives, crafting a well-structured plan, identifying key stakeholders, and estimating and evaluating costs.

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Processes at Technova:
Step by step to efficiency



In order to understand
the business processes of your organisation, you discover which jobs are done, how these jobs are related to each other and identify your needs
we determine.


In order to optimise business
processes, we examine the existing SAP tools, if any, and determine what we will do to make the system
more efficient.


We show you how the solutions we think will add value to your organisation will reduce errors and help you use the system more effectively.


We show you how the solutions we think will add value to your organisation will reduce errors and help you use the system more effectively.


After the projects go live,
we follow up the work and help you to easily use the features and tools available in the SAP system.

Sectors valued with Technova Project Management


Benefit from Technova technology for the timely completion of the project, from the procurement of the necessary materials to the coordination of the workers.


Obtain the necessary support from Technova for designing, developing, and implementing various types of software, whether it be enterprise-based or custom-made.


Take advantage of Technova's assistance throughout the design, production, and installation phases of machines or systems. Make informed decisions every step of the way.


Entrust the Technova team with all aspects of your healthcare organization's operations, renovation projects, and investment-oriented initiatives. Achieve your cost and process objectives with confidence.


Place your investment projects or financial service planning processes in the hands of Technova. Benefit from their expertise in planning, coordinating, and overseeing each stage of the project.


Delegate critical tasks to Technova's experts in all areas related to your educational institution, regardless of their duration. Discover sector-specific solutions that meet your needs.