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When it comes to quality, Technova is with you

Technova is committed to ensuring quality in all aspects of your SAP transformation projects. Our SAP Quality Assurance Services offer an essential tool for maintaining control throughout the process, with a thorough examination conducted by experts.

With over 12 years of experience, Technova analyzes both the functional and technical aspects of processes and systems. Our goal is to minimize the gap between the current state and the ideal "best version" of your systems.

Quality Assurance Solutions keeps an eye on your systems

By utilizing SAP Quality Assurance Solutions, you gain the advantage of expert perspectives, which greatly contribute to the successful completion of your SAP transition and digitalization journeys. 

We actively engage in all necessary steps, including organizational, process-based, and systemic improvements.

What are the benefits
you can expect?

Meeting targeted
go-live dates

Accelerated project


Risk minimization

Enhanced system

Successful project