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Clearly defined business needs

The SAP Requirements Management solution effectively addresses change requests, functions, and business and IT requirements by accurately positioning them. Its primary objective is to determine the most suitable solution that should be provided for the current need, ensuring value delivery.

When it comes to meeting business needs, IT requirements and change requests play a crucial role. The identification of the most accurate solutions is based on clearly defined needs, taking into account the expectations of both the business and the customer.

Analyzing the most appropriate solution

One of the key functionalities of SAP Requirements Management is the ability to analyze and manage business requirements throughout the product development process. It facilitates the creation and maintenance of a shared repository for both functional and non-functional requirements.

Moreover, this solution enables the establishment of relationships between different requirements and allows for tracking their status and progress. By doing so, it ensures that the needs of the business and customers are effectively met.

SAP Requirements Management encompasses various tools such as requirements management and analysis, which include steps like impact analysis and traceability. It seamlessly integrates with modules like SAP Development Workbench and SAP Solution Manager, providing comprehensive support throughout the end-to-end process.

Traceable and automated processes

Requirements Management is designed to meet the needs of both businesses and customers. It aims to streamline and expedite the product development process by clearly defining and tracking business requirements.

By establishing a clear connection between business requirements and products, it enables traceability and allows for feedback. It also provides support in terms of quality improvement and cost reduction.

Specifically, Requirements Management

Clearly defines business

Identifies the impact of changes
on product development.

Enables traceability.

Saves time.

Automates business processes.

Successfully meets the needs of both
businesses and customers.