Change Control Management

Uncontrolled IT changes can cause negative scenarios.

The negative effects that uncontrolled changes may cause in IT services can sometimes result in disaster. Interruptions arising from this reason, equipment for businesses and causes software losses.

Although it is not limited to this; Loss of customer information causes irreparable loss of reputation.

SAP Change Control Management is an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) application that minimizes IT disruptions in critical system and service changes.

Put an end to cost losses due to changes

Change Control Management supports IT teams in preventing them from spending more time than necessary and avoiding interruptions in dialogue with other business units.

Savings in time and labor of IT personnel saves the business from a large expense.

Change Control Management successfully defines the change process that refers to additions and deletions that have a direct or indirect impact on the service; In the construction phase, it considers practices, analyzes needs and solutions, and determines appropriate roles.

Efficient and fast handling

Change Control Management, which aims to reduce the negativities that may occur in IT services and meet legal standards, ensures that IT infrastructure and software changes are handled efficiently and effectively.

It provides transparency and quality in changes that may occur throughout the entire application lifecycle. It provides excellent coordination for changes that may conflict with each other.

It highlights brand new features in different areas; It plans and manages a long cycle from the technical layer to the process layer.

What is possible?

Changes take place without
disrupting ongoing work.

Provides advanced software environment and
high quality IT solutions.

Minimizes time and cost losses.

It places changes in a transparent and
traceable position.

Successfully manage functional and
technical changes.

Provides standardized tools,
processes and methods.