SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C

Focus on experience and security and see revenue growth in your business

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C (CIAM) is a solution that enables businesses to identify, convert, and retain the right customers in the right location. It prioritizes creating processes that focus on providing a seamless experience and ensuring data security.

Having accurate and real-time insights is crucial for businesses to retain their existing customers. However, there may be challenges in transforming implemented steps and applications into value, leading to delays and disruptions. CIAM addresses this issue by accelerating the process through seamless customer engagement, fostering customer loyalty, and noticeably increasing the time to value.

Empower personalization capabilities and drive customer engagement with permission-based data

Enhancing customer experience and meeting their expectations is crucial for businesses, and understanding the customer is key to achieving this. SAP CIAM plays a vital role in this by leveraging data from various sources to personalize interactions. By creating comprehensive and centralized customer profiles, businesses can effectively synchronize them across all digital platforms, adding immense value.

Furthermore, SAP CIAM not only enables reliable and personalized interactions throughout the customer journey but also manages the entire customer lifecycle during their engagement with the business. This ensures that businesses can effectively engage with customers at every touchpoint, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefit from Technova's SAP-specific know-how

Technova has been leveraging its extensive experience for over a decade to handle the sales, service, and marketing operations of various organizations. Utilizing its specialized knowledge in SAP, Technova enhances your workflows, brings added value, and focuses on improving your profitability.

If you are a company operating in the digital realm and providing solutions, selecting the appropriate solution is crucial, just as effectively implementing those solutions. In fact, we can assert that making the right choice is the most vital aspect of the overall picture. Technova continuously enhances its expertise and proficiency in this domain, ensuring its effectiveness in delivering desired outcomes.

Achieve increased customer loyalty
rate with error-free experiences.

Provide permission-based data for marketing,
personalization, and analytics.

Reduce customer churn with a seamless,
risk-free, and secure structure.