Project Management

SAP Solution Manager is integrated with the project management functions of SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM), so you can manage, for example,
project time, resources, and status.

Project management is integrated for the following areas of SAP Solution Manager:
• Solution Documentation
• Change Request Management
• Requirements Management
• Issues and top issues (as part of SAP Engagement and Service Delivery)
• Test Suite

By integrating projects, you have the following options:
• Connect your Solution documentation in SAP Solution Manager (branches,
change control landscapes, change cycles, and scopes) with project
management capabilities.
• Reflect IT requirements and change requests in projects.
• Manage planning, timing, structuring, and coordinating of resources for a project
in detail.
• Hand over your plans to implementation. With time and status feedback, you can
monitor the progress and resource consumption of your project.
•Monitor the issues or top issues belonging to your project.

SAP Project Management step by step

Enables comprehensive
project management.

Makes it possible to identify
risks in advance.

Identifies potential
problems early.

Strengthens forecasts in the light
of accurate data.

Integrates corporate information