Process Management

This process enables you to manage your business processes in a holistic way: you can describe both business and IT perspective on processes, applications and system
landscapes in one place. So business documentation and system reality are always synchronized.
For this holistic way of describing processes, SAP Solution Manager provides two key applications: Solution Administration and Solution Documentation.

Solution Administration
This application provides an overview over existing solutions. You can display and maintain solutions. Furthermore, you can create and define new solutions. It can be used by administrators to setup the environment for Solution Documentation.


Solution Documentation

This application houses the common directory for business processes and associated documentation (unification of template, implementation, upgrade, maintenance projects and solutions). It can be used by specialists like business analysts, process modelers and functional consultants.

What capabilities does it offer?

Efficient implementation of the
project roadmap

Optimal system architecture for
uninterrupted operations

Thorough monitoring and
progress testing

Experience the convenience
of customization

Affordable opportunity with
low costs

Automatic error detection and
warning system