Project Management

Management of projects from a single center across the enterprise

Efficiently managing existing projects from a centralized location is crucial for convenience. SAP Project Management ensures smooth operations in the areas of forecasting and planning on a project level.

It encompasses the planning, coordination, and monitoring of all activities necessary for the successful completion of any project; it plays a pivotal role in project success.

Project Management is seamlessly integrated with the Finance and Logistics modules within the SAP system and is utilized in the management of extensive and intricate projects. It is a system specifically designed to align with the project-based business model and provides all the necessary functionalities for this purpose.

Adaptable support in project management processes

For businesses, it offers comprehensive management from the initiation of a project request to its closure. With Project Management, companies that operate based on projects can effectively track and manage costs, timelines, and resources. The module also efficiently fulfills the requirements for project-based businesses in managing customer requests.

Project Management has a wide range of applications across various sectors, particularly in construction, production, service, and investment projects. Its value is especially pronounced in large and intricate endeavors as it provides automation and effective management of processes.

The module encompasses all the necessary features to monitor and control costs, timelines, and resources for businesses that operate on a project basis. It facilitates the efficient management of all resources required to achieve success.

No.1 in project profitability

We pride ourselves on being the number one solution for maximizing project profitability. The system seamlessly integrates and tracks in-house, customer-related, and time-consuming tasks. This integration ensures collaboration between the project office and the finance and logistics units.

The system also calculates and reports the profitability level of each project. These reports serve as valuable data for past and future analyses. Furthermore, resource utilization rates can be accurately reported, providing insights into resource allocation.

With Project Management, organizations can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately achieve greater success in their projects.

SAP Project Management step by step

Enables comprehensive
project management.

Makes it possible to identify
risks in advance.

Identifies potential
problems early.

Strengthens forecasts in the light
of accurate data.

Integrates corporate information