Test Management

How to manage the testing process in an automated way

Managing the testing process in an automated manner can be achieved through the use of SAP Test Management. This tool is specifically designed to assist businesses in effectively managing and automating the testing process within the SAP software development lifecycle. It serves as a centralized repository for storing test cases, defects, and results, thus facilitating the testing of SAP applications and integrations.

By utilizing SAP Test Management, organizations are able to enhance the quality and reliability of their SAP systems. It aids in minimizing errors and risks, while also providing a platform for testing SAP applications.

Although primarily used for testing applications and integrations within SAP, Test Management can also be employed for testing non-SAP applications. It encompasses general test management operations, making it a versatile tool.

A powerful and complete test management tool

Test Manager is a comprehensive and robust test management tool that supports businesses throughout the entire testing process. It offers numerous benefits during test preparation, execution, and reporting stages.

This tool provides in-depth analysis for manual, automated, and change tests. Its success in testing SAP applications extends to non-SAP applications as well, offering a comprehensive package.

With its user-friendly interface, Test Manager ensures ease of use. Additionally, it allows for role-based customization, granting users specific authorities and tailored dashboards.

Plan, execute, and oversee

Whether it involves manual and automated testing or change testing, this solution provides a seamless and effortless end-to-end process.

As a vital contributor to the smooth advancement of both existing and new projects, the Test Manager simplifies the process of overcoming all obstacles.

It encompasses various test concepts and envisions a streamlined system through their integration.

What are the functions of SAP Test Management?

Creation and management of test
cases and test scripts.

Planning and execution of tests.

Monitoring of test progress
reports and results.

Collaboration with team members and
relevant individuals.

Integration with both SAP and
non-SAP tools.