Test Suite

The test suite is tightly integrated into the software change process. For a new SAP solution, this process starts with business process descriptions in Solution Documentation. These specify the customer’s business and related test descriptions based on the business requirements. If an existing solution is to be updated, the impact of the change on existing business processes is analyzed. A change impact analysis indicates the areas on which to focus on during testing and allows the specification of a risk-based test scope.

Tests can be performed manually based on a test case description or automatically in automatic test scripts. The test result is documented. Errors must be addressed directly to the responsible area. In some industries such as pharmaceuticals, test results must be documented in more detail. To provide traceability for external audits, you must provide details such as how the test was performed, which data was used, screenshots, and so on.

The test coordinator or project lead needs transparency of test progress and error resolution. This enables you to decide whether the overall test is finished and whether
the change can be applied to the productive system or not.